Tips on how to avoid sitting all day and moving more

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Stressed Accountant
Are you worried about extra pounds? You may be able to find a ton of information about exercise, proper diet, trainings, and more but there is really no magic needed to start shedding off that extra baggage. Read our tips below and start simple by moving as much as possible throughout the day.

Make multiple workstations

No you do not need several office tables for this but all your stuff are still on the same desk but you have to move that office chair and twist your body as you do your tasks for the day. You can also make an area where you work while standing.

Walk while talking over the phone

Walk around while talking over the cellphone. You can opt for a good headset so it will be more convenient when you want to move around.

Walk over to your co-worker

If not necessary avoid emails and do some work stuff by going to the desk of your colleagues. During brief meetings, stand instead of sitting in the room. You can also chat about work while walking around.

Do not bring chairs

If you are going to the park, tailgate, or a concert, do not bring your own chair. Leave the chairs at home . This forces you to stand the whole time.

Move around after eating

After a meal, it will be best to move around. The levels of fat in your blood are highest after eating so move around to help trigger the release of a chemicals in the body which makes your metabolism work faster.