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Why Breast Cancer Can Recur Again?

Why Breast Cancer Can Recur Again?

Being a cancer survivor who has managed to fight and undergo all treatment, must not be separated from anxiety and fear. Those who have gone through cancer treatment, whatever type of cancer is still at risk for relapse, including the former breast cancer patients.

Cancer cells could once again grow when former breast cancer patients have completed all the treatments. This can happen within months or even years after treatment. Recurrent cancers may grow in the same place as previous cancer cases (local recurrence) or even spread to other body parts (non-local recurrence). Breast cancer recurrence is usually more difficult to treat, but it does not mean it can not be treated.

What causes breast cancer to recur again?

Cancer cells can be considered 'smart' so that it can cause recurrence in some cancer incidents. Breast cancer recurs when a cancer cell that should die and disappear because of treatment, even hiding in other breasts or even to other body parts. Then, these cancer cells will dormant or sleep and are inactive for several months even years after treatment without causing any symptoms.

Then, suddenly there is something that activates the cell and make it wake up from sleep long. Because it is active, then the cancer cells that originally hide it back grow and develop, and this is what is called a relapse. However, until now the experts also do not know for sure what causes breast cancer recurrence and what things can lead to cancer cells become active again.

Risk factors that increase the chances of breast cancer recurrence again

Although there are no known exact causes, there are several risk factors that can increase a person's chances of experiencing a relapse, namely:

Has a large breast cancer tumor size.

If a former breast cancer patient has a history of breast cancer with a large tumor size, then he is at risk for relapse.

Younger age.
A woman who is under 35 years old when she is diagnosed with breast cancer, then has a greater risk of breast cancer recurrence.

Experiencing inflammation.
Inflammation of the affected breast area may increase the chances of recurrence

The cancer cells that grow have certain characteristics.

If a former breast cancer sufferers experience a recurrence, this could be due to cancer cells that grow on the breasts have the nature of the HER2 gene.

Not receiving adequate radiation therapy for lumpectomy.

Lumpectomy is an operation performed to remove the tumor and some surrounding tissue. Some cases, the patients assume that if you have surgery removal of the tumor then they are free from cancer cells. But apparently not, they still have to do radiation therapy to eliminate the remnants of cancer cell tissue. If not radiation therapy, it is not possible breast cancer recurrence.

Cancer cells concerning lymph glands or lymph nodes.
If the major cancer cells affect the lymph nodes then he is likely to have breast cancer later in life.
How can someone know if breast cancer recurs again?

Here are the signs and symptoms of recurrent breast cancer, namely:

There is a lump or thickening around the breast or armpits, and this continues throughout the menstrual cycle

There is a small lump like peanut seeds around the breast

Changes appear on the surface of the breast skin, such as shrinking, nipples become inflamed, swollen, or even flushed

Exit the fluid or blood from the nipple

If you experience it, then the former breast cancer patients should immediately see a doctor. Performing a routine examination after undergoing cancer treatment to apply a healthy lifestyle, and maintain health are some of the efforts that can prevent breast cancer recurrence again.